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Donate to Turkey Dog Mission

Your donation is important to the abandoned Golden Retrievers in Turkey.

Right now, Adopt a Golden Knoxville has more families wanting to adopt then we do homeless Golden Retrievers. And because of that and most importantly because of your donation, we are able to help save some these abandoned Golden Retrievers that are on the streets, in the forests and in shelters in Turkey. Without the collective help of other Golden Retriever rescues across the country and most importantly you, these dogs would have a must different outcome.

Please note that Adopt a Golden Knoxville's first priority for rescue is the homeless Golden Retrievers throughout East Tennessee and surrounding areas. We are fortunate that more people are adopting and spaying and neutering their Golden Retrievers. And because of all that, AGK's domestic intake of Golden Retrievers have dropped drastically in the last two years.

Your donation is greatly appreciated. Your gift will allow an abandoned Golden Retriever a life that he or she deserves.

A very special thank you to our Turkey Dogs Donors...

Carolyn Cranmer
Sharon Moore
Karen Davis
Tina Rolen
Kevin Storberg
Catherine Howard
Susan & Charles Gluck
Stephen Harris
Lycinda Bell
dave houston
john gass
Diana Laker
Janet Bradshaw
Molly Johnston
Courtney Gerringer
Salin Low
Gay Burton-Cox
Bruce Bygate
Sandra Sherlin
Judy Lambert
Elaine Chiappetta
Kristen Figge
M Margit Winckler PhD
Rod The Nuss Family
Heddy-Dale Matthias, MD
Linda Garner
Bruce Bygate
Linda Plevyak
Autumn Humphrey
Steven Robinson
Buddy Tron Tron
Catherine Howard
Donna Bienkowski
Garry Pennycuff
James Schuck II
Nathalie Gray
Heddy-Dale Matthias, MD
Kevin Storberg
Roberrt Wallace
Dorothy Moseley
James Schuck II
Mary Kibbe
Julie Cincotta
Joan Kechula
Chantal Poggi
Kelley McDonough
Stacy Jones
Susan Clarke
Kristine Flannery
Jessica Popek
Amy Johnston
Gibson Johnston
$26,660.00 Amount Needed
$5,428.00 Amount Received

Turkey Dogs

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