We realize giving up a golden retriever is a very difficult decision for an owner to make, and we appreciate your confidence in Adopt a Golden Knoxville (AGK) in allowing us to help. Many of the golden retrievers in our rescue come from owners who have to surrender them for different reasons, and we are committed to finding wonderful homes for these dogs. If you have a golden retriever and would like our help to find it a new home, please follow the steps below:

1. Submit an owner surrender application. which asks for detailed information about the dog’s life. We use this information to help us ease the dog’s transition into a new home. If you would like to talk with someone before you submit the application, please leave a message at 865.940.0688 and a volunteer will get back with you.

2. Email several photos of your dog (front and side views), along with his or her name, to surrender@adoptagoldenknoxville.org. If it is easier for you to text the pictures, email AGK at this address and a volunteer will respond with a text number you can use.

Once your application is received, a volunteer will contact you within 48 hours to clarify any questions either you or AGK may have and to let you know if we can take your golden. The volunteer will work out transport details as well if your dog is coming to AGK. At the point you surrender your golden to AGK, you will sign an Owner Release Contract. We recommend that you go ahead and review the language in the contract in case you have questions.


HAVE YOU FOUND A GOLDEN RETRIEVER OR OTHER DOG? If you find a dog and cannot locate its owner, you must going through appropriate legal steps to try and find the owner before you can surrender the dog to Adopt a Golden Knoxville or any other rescue, re-home it, or keep it yourself.

What To Do If A Person Finds a Dog