Flash- Adopted!

Hello, my name is Flash. I'm a 10 year old Great Pyrenees boy who is very thankful to AGK and many others for getting me where I am today. Several years ago, I lost my dad and my mom was unable to care for me. I must have looked ruff, because a nice lady stopped and offered to help care for me. My mom was extremely grateful, and decided it was best for me to go. I was taken to a vet for medical care and grooming. The groomer spent hours shaving me, I had so many mats. While at the vet I found out I weighed 60 pounds, am heartworm positive, and have bad hips. I understand a big dog like me is supposed to weigh over 100 pounds, so I have some eating to do. I need to get healthy, so I can be treated for those terrible heartworms. The treatment for that is quite expensive, I would appreciate donations to help cover the cost of my medical expenses, which will be $500-600. I know that is a lot, but every penny will be loved, I promise. I have been described as a gentle giant, that likes people (especially my foster mom), and does well with dogs. Taking time to rest has been good, my strength gets better with each new day. I am struggling a bit with the loss of my coat, but I have been assured it will grow back and I will be incredibly handsome. I would love to be part of a family that will enjoy pampering me, keeping me cool, and letting me have my own comfy bed. A one-level home, or a place to put a ramp would be nice too. I hope I am not asking too much. I am a humble guy, who hasn't had the best of luck and am ready for better days. ~Flash

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