Teera - Adopted!

My name is Teera and I'm sad because my owner died, but happy and thankful because AGK got me out of the shelter and my foster mom makes sure I am warm, and loved. Let me tell you about my charming self. I am a golden mix, 12-14 years old, and weigh 80ish pounds. Eventhough I’m on the older side I have plenty of energy. I love to take walks, wander in the yard, chase toys, and follow my foster mom everywhere. I get along with large dogs and people. I am not a fan of small dogs or silly cats. I'm proud to say my health is great and I’m gorgeous (bragging, I know). I let my foster mom know when I need to go outside by staring at her, or going to the door, and I am a pro at walking on the leash. Foster mom says I am the perfect house guest and my manners are excellent. I don't beg, jump, counter surf, or chew things I’m not supposed to. One last thing, I LOVE car rides, so if you need a navigator, I can do the job. The one thing I don't care for is stairs, if there are more than two, I get scared. Now you know all about me, I cannot wait to find out all about my forever family! Happiness and Love, Teera

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