Sydney Lab - Adopted!

Hi, my name is Sydney. I am a bit confused because I’m part of a golden retriever rescue, but I am a pure bred yellow lab. What is that about? I can’t complain much because I am being treated well. I am 6 years old, weigh 68 pounds, have recently retired from breeding, and have lived outside my whole life. Since living inside, I’m finding this air conditioning thing is pretty cool. My foster mom is trying to teach me that being inside a home and getting love from people is a good thing. Other dogs are fine with me, as well as cats, and children. I don’t react to much. I am a bit shy, and am slowly learning about being loved and cared for. My manners are stellar. I walk on a leash well, always potty outside, I’m keeping my bark in check, I don’t get into things, and I’m nice to others. I really want to get settled into a home where I have a routine, and people to love me. I’ve never had that. I’ve heard it is nice to be part of a family and I can’t wait to see how it feels. Luvs, Sydney

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