Sedona Lab - Adopted!

The secret it is out…..I’m not a golden retriever, I am a pure bred yellow Labrador retriever. I asked myself, ‘Sedona, what is the difference between a golden and a yellow lab?’ I had to think about that. I know I am smart, fun, cute, gentle, and loving. I enjoy walks, being in water and with my people, and can make you do many things for me by looking into my eyes. I’m pretty sure goldens are like that too. Maybe that is why I am part of the AGK pack. What are some other things that make me an individual? I am 6 years old and have just retired from breeding. I weigh 68 pounds and am working on losing a little weight so I can get my girlish figure back. Male dogs are a bit of a bother to me, cats are fine, I have not met children yet, so I don’t know if I like them or not. My foster mom tells me I have great manners. She likes the way I walk on the leash. She tells me that I am not jumpy, and a cool, calm, and collected girl. I potty outside, am not a barker, don’t chew anything of hers up, I play with my own toys. Oh, I’m a great traveler too! Thunderstorms make me want to snuggle up to my foster mom, but I don’t see that as bad thing. I love to cuddle and snuggle. I am ready to be adopted and have family to call my own. Please come to meet me to see if we could be together forever. ~Sedona

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