Phyllis - Adopted!

Phyllis is a 2-3 year-old, gorgeous, sweet golden mix. She is a petite girl, weighing 43 pounds. This cutie has the greatest personality, but can be a little on the timid side in new situations. She is good with children, we are unsure about cats, other dogs are fine, but they better be able to play rough. Phyllis is an athletic girl, that needs plenty of exercise. She loves to play, run, and jump, so she will require a physical fence that is 5-6 ft. Even though, Phyllis is active, she loves to hang out in her crate, which is her safe place, and being close to her foster mom. House training is the most recent task Phyllis is working on. She is coming right along and will be perfect in the house soon. If you meet this girl, you will instantly love her. Can you provide Phyllis with the love and forever home she needs and deserves? Cant wait to meet you! ~Phillis

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