Howdy, I’m Walker! I was found wandering alone in a neighborhood popular for dogs to be dropped off in. Luckily, I was taken to a vet and cared for. They saw I am a pure bred golden retriever and called AGK, so I’m part of their pack. The vet thinks I am about 10 years old, weighing 70ish pounds, and discovered I have those awful heartworms. I will have to get treated for them and heard from my AGK friends that it isn't fun. Heartworm treatment is expensive. The cost for me will be $500-$600. If you would like to donate to help cover my medical expenses, it sure would make me feel like one special golden boy. I am a sweet, humble, and happy guy. I love people, get along with other dogs, but not sure how I feel about cats. I have not been around children, but I bet I would like them. I have dreams of being in a home with my own fluffy bed and lots of love. If you have room in your family for a humble guy like me, I would be the happiest golden ever. ~Walker

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