Honey Boy - Adopted!

My name is Honey Boy. Yep, I am a boy named Honey. I am SWEEETTT like honey too. My life prior to coming to AGK was being a breeder dog. Yep, made lots of Golden Retriever pups. My family could no longer take care of me so here I am. I am 7 years old, very friendly, good with other dogs - just a happy boy. I do however have heartworms. Luckily, AGK is going to pay for my treatment before I get adopted. It would be super cool if you could donate to my fund to help AGK pay for it, cause it's kinda of expensive. Oh, right, I am 86 pounds so I am on the bigger side. I am learning house manners, how to walk on a leash - all those things that I am supposed to do. Hopefully my family is out there! Love, Honey Boy

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