Zach - Adopted!

Here I am! And yes, I am a handsome devil. My name is Zach and I am an 8 year old Golden Retriever. My family decided to find me a new home and asked AGK to help. Right now I am settling into my foster home and so far, so good. I am extremely sweet, really just your typical Golden Retriever. I do well with other dogs and love attention. However, foster mom said I get into mischief, nothing too bad but apparently sock eating, cat chasing and shoe stealing are frowned upon. I am not a big boy, just about 70 pounds. I will be treated for heartworms pretty soon. That stinks but the doc said I will be good as new once I have my medicine. And wow - the medicine is $500 - so if you can spare a couple of bucks to help AGK, that would be SWEET. But if not, consider adopting me. I promise you will love me. xoxo Zach

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