Raven - Adopted!

My name is Raven and I am clearly not a Golden Retriever. I am what people refer to as a black Golden Retriever, possibly a Flat Coat Retriever. Who knows? What I do know is I am a sweet, sweet girl with lots and lots of energy. I am only a puppy, just barely 8 months old. My family took me to a shelter because they did not want to deal with me anymore. That is ok because AGK promised they would find me a great home. Here is what I need..ready? An active family - like someone who will run with me, take me swimming, that kind of stuff. No children under 12 because I am learning to "share" - apparently hoarding things are frowned upon. Another dog might be a good idea. Oh - right, I am healthy and my foster mom says I have the silkiest coat. So is that you? Seriously, I am quite a catch. Love, Raven

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