Gatlin Turkey Dog - Adopted!

My name is Gatlin and I am a "Turkey Dog". Yep, AGK saved me and my friend Dolly from abandonment in Turkey..ya know, the country. I am about 2-3 years old, loving and happy considering everything I have been through is my young life. Turns out I have an injured leg - it's painful but the doctor said they can help me feel better once they figure out what they can do for it. I get to go see an "Ortho Doctor" soon. I hope she is a nice as the last doctor who gave me peanut butter when they were cleaning my yucky ears. Oh I wish I could tell you what happened in Turkey but the doctor thinks I may have been hit by a car. Like I said, I am very sweet and loving, get along with other dogs too. No small kids for me. So happy to be in East Tennessee and proud to be named after the city of Gatlinburg. I heard it went through some rough times too - just like me. But just like me, I am getting better and better everyday. Love, Gatlin the Turkey Dog

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