Huckleberry - Adopted!

Hello there. My name is Huckleberry, or Huck for short. I am quite handsome and people say you can look into my deep and meaningful eyes forever. But seriously, I am CLEARLY not a Golden Retriever but apparently from time to time AGK takes in Golden Retriever wannabes. I was turned into the AGK because I really needed a fenced in yard. Cause apparently chasing cars is frowned upon. Who knew, it was fun for me. But I am digging the inside life - a lot, like it really chills me out and I am very calm and happy. My foster mom is great and my foster bro is even better. We play ALL DAY! I do need some training and do need some exercise. I love my stuffed toys too. Oh, you must know if you have a cat, we are not meant to be together. Cats are another thing (like cars) I really like to chase.

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