Tigger - Adopted!

Well...my name suits me very well. Tigger, just like that happy, goofy tiger friend of Pooh Bear. I am just a year old and I was given to AGK because my owner became very sick. The family was feeding me while he was in the hospital but then they decided it was best that I find another home. It's ok because so far I am having a BLAST. Whoa - check this out, I have the BEST foster bro, he and I are like peas and carrots. We play all day. I mean all day. So in my forever home, having another dog would be super cool. I am healthy, house trained and love human attention. I need some basic obedience training but I am smart and learn quickly. So if you are looking for a fun lovin Golden boy named after a goofy cartoon character, ask for me, Tigger!

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