Dobbs - Adopted!

Hello everyone. My name is Dobbs. I am just a young boy, not even a year old yet. I am what you consider a back yard breeder dog with little socialization skills. I am working on not being scared of everything. So far things are going pretty well. Men still freak me out and loud noises, man, that makes me run for the hills. But what I love and gives me a lot of confidence is dogs - playful dogs like me. So while I was working on my social graces, the vet told me I had severe hip dysplasia. And I might need to have surgery. I go see a special vet soon and she will tell me what is in store for me. AGK said they would consider a foster to adopt family for me but they would have to be really special. First, I need a tall fence. Second, I need a primary parent to be a female. Third, I can not walk up and down stairs if I need surgery. And if I need surgery, that comes with a post therapy for a couple of weeks. And lastly, I need to stay local to Knoxville to help with my transition from my foster home to my forever home. I know this is a tall order, but I am hoping that someone would consider adopting me and helping me get over my fears and get some new hips so I can continue to run and jump with my friends. Love, Dobbs.

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