Jess (AGK Sun Pup) - Adopted!

Hi everyone. My name is Jess but some of you may remember me as Sun Pup. I was one of 6 puppies that Dixie gave birth to over three years ago. My mom got sick and had to give me back to AGK. I really miss her but she said I was in good hands. While I realize I do not look like a Golden Retriever, my mom did which is why AGK rescued her and soon found out she was pregnant. I do have the personality of a Golden Retriever - sweet, loving, good with everyone including cats, kids and dogs. But if you need to know what I am mixed with, you are in luck because my first foster mamma (when I was a puppy) did a DNA test on on us. So here it is: Mostly Labrador and Boxer with traces of Golden Retriever, Tibetan Mastiff, Mountain Dog and St. Bernard. Not bad - all amazing breeds right? But I am not that big - only 60 pounds. My new foster mom says I am just the sweetest girl ever. Please consider adopting me, I promise I will love you. xoxox - Jess

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