Bella Pup - Adopted!

UPDATE: Bella has been diagnosed with moderate pulmonic stenosis which is a heart defect that causes narrowing of the pulmonic valve. Bella will have to be on medication - a beta blocker for the remainder of her life to help with pressure that the condition causes in her heart. BACKGROUND: Yes - I know, I am really the cutest puppy alive. You like my sweet doe eyes? Those come in handy because I still a puppy and can get into mischief. I guess most dogs at 7 months old get into some trouble. But, you must know that I am a sweet, lovable, cuddly little Golden Retriever mix of cuteness. I get along with dogs, cats and I love, LOVE to play. I do well with children too! So, if you are looking for the cutest, most sweetest, most happy golden girlie, ask for me Bella Pup!

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