Guinness Turkey Dog - Adopted!

Well I made it! All the way from Istanbul, Turkey. Yep, I am one of the thousands of Golden Retrievers left abandoned on the streets and forests in Turkey. In case you have not heard, there is an international rescue going on bringing Goldens like me to the United States and Canada to find homes. If you want to see more about our story, click on the cool green plane that Clover and I arrived in - it's on the main page of the website. So back to me, I am about 2 years old or at least that is what the vet said. I am not the picture of perfect health by any means - I mean how could I be living on the streets by myself but the doc said I just need some TLC, some good food and I just be good. To adopt us kind - the Turkey Dogs - we have to have a fenced in yard, no young children and preferably no cats only because some of us see those as squirrels. Anyway, I am SO happy to be rescued - the life I was always suppose to lead is just around the corner thanks to AGK! Love, Guinness

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