Abbey - Adopted!

My name is Abbey. I am a 5 year old pure bred Golden Retriever (recently shaved). My family had to give me up because they feared that I might get shot by the neighbors. You see, I was on a walk with my family and this little dog comes running up to us, growling, barking and I did what any dog would do, protect my family. I got into a bad fight with this little dog and the neighbor said if he saw me again, he would shoot me. It was really hard to say goodbye to my family. They miss me and I miss them. I really like dogs, I am not aggressive at all - I actually lived with other dogs. I love children, cats - I lived with 5 of them. I LOVE TO SWIM! Oh man - that is so much fun and I would love to go to a home with a pool or access to a lake. I have great manners too. I know all sorts of commands and I do this great trick where if you say "manner" I will stop eating and sit and until you tell me to eat. I am house trained, can be left alone in a house without incident. Oh yeah - I am healthy although the doc said I have a tick borne disease called Ehrilicia, which can be treated with meds. I am really a good girl and I would love to find a family like my original family cause I miss them. Love, Abbey.

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