Mac-Needs Your Help For Medical Treatment

I am the one and only Mac. I have been spending the past several weeks getting settled and am ready to tell you about myself. At 3 years old I was left at a shelter by my family when they moved. The shelter found out I was heartworm positive and asked AGK if they would consider taking me into their rescue. They welcomed me with open arms, so now I’m going to be treated for heartworms and will live a full life with a loving, new family. I am basically a laid-back, low energy kind of dude. I like to take walks, relax/cuddle with my people, but dogs tend to stress me out. Do I like children? I think so. If they relax, cuddle, and walk with me. I am house trained and don’t bother things around the house, so I don’t have to stay in a crate. I am well-mannered, but working on some commands. Once in a while, I get a little crazy and give hugs. When I do people seem to like it, they smile and laugh. Making people smile is a good thing, right? I enjoy ride alongs in the car. Sticking my head out the window (strapped in, of course) and letting my ears flap in the breeze is about the best thing ever! My foster says I am one of the sweetest dogs he has ever met and that I would make a great dog for a nice family. I am a good guy, please come to meet me. Your Buddy, Mac

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