Maggie May - Adopted!

Hi Y'all! My name is Maggie May, like the song from WAY back in the 70s. Anyway, I'm 6 years old and a little on the shy side. Dogs and cats are dandy, but I get nervous when children are around, they can be sort of unpredictable. Foster mom has found that routine is best for me because it keeps me grounded and comfortable. I love to walk with foster mom. We walked 5 miles the other day, she keeps up nicely. I have been told I am a good girl because I don't chew things, know some commands, am house trained, not jumpy, and travel well in a car. I really like my crate, I eat, rest, and feel safe in it. Foster mom describes me as a typical sweet, velcro golden. I really like to be with her, so I can get love whenever I can. Sometimes I get nervous, so a calm home with a routine is a good home for me. I cannot wait to meet my forever family, so we can get started loving on each other. Hugs, Maggie May

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