Our adoption process starts with completing an application and submitting a non-refundable $25.00 application fee. Please note the application fee is not a guarantee for any dog. It is simply a guarantee that your entire family is committed to adopting one of our dogs.

The adoption fees vary by age. Adoption fees help offset the medical costs for our incoming dogs. All dogs are spayed/neutered prior to adoption. All dogs are vaccinated and treated for any infections of which we become aware. Serious medical problems are also treated. Our fees also help with behavioral training and boarding.

NEW ADOPTION POLICY - AGK offers out of town adoptions through our Knoxville to New England program along the transport routes of Pooches On The Move. If an adopter is not along the route, they must be within an 4 hour drive one-way and come to Knoxville to visit/pick-up any adopted dog. If the adoption does not work out for the adopter, the adoption contract states you must return the dog to Knoxville.

Adopt a Golden Knoxville, like every other Golden Retriever rescue in the country, is seeing a dramatic decline in the number of Golden Retrievers in need of rescue. While we still are occasionally asked to help rehome an absolutely perfect, young purebred Golden, this is no longer the norm. Instead, many of the dogs in need of our help have significant medical or behavioral issues. This is the new face of Golden Retriever Rescue in the United States. Conversely, the number of families that want to adopt a rescued Golden Retriever has skyrocketed. We simply do not have the dogs in our care to meet the demand of those wanting purebred Golden Retrievers who are younger and have no major issues.

Because there is such demand, when we do get one of these "high-demand" dogs, there are usually many, many families interested in the same dog. Adopt a Golden Knoxville’s primary responsibility is to find a home for the dogs in our care that best meets that dog’s needs. Please know that if you are approved to adopt a dog from Adopt a Golden Knoxville, our volunteers will work with you to find the right dog for your family. However, this process could take months depending on the Golden Retrievers that are needed to be re-homed and what kind of dog you are wanting to adopt. If you are in a hurry to adopt, we suggest applying to other rescues or visiting your local animal shelter. You can find a list of other Golden Retriever rescues here.

1-4 years = $375
5-8 years = $325
9 years and older = $250
Turkey Dogs = $600
Golden doodles = $700 (no age stipulation)

Want to Adopt a Golden Retriever Puppy? Click here to learn more

Purebred puppies = $600
Mixed puppies = $400

For our New England adopters, there is an additional transport and health certificate fee. Please check out our Knoxville to New England page for more details.

We know you are excited about the possibility of bringing a new friend into your home. We want to match our orphaned goldens with the best family for him or her. For this reason, our application includes many questions regarding your family members, lifestyle, other pets, and how the dog would spend his or her day. All of our dogs are required to be inside dogs. Adopt A Golden Knoxville believes that ​G​oldens are not happy being left outside and away from their families.

PAWNOTE - Puppies especially need constant care. Therefore, AGK policy requires that all puppies adopted under 6 months of age must have a family member that is stay-at-home, work-at-home or has a flexible work schedule. A puppy must not be left alone for extended periods of time. (The general rule of thumb is one hour per one month of age.) Puppies need constant socialization with humans and other dogs, in order to thrive and grow into happy, healthy adults.

For an adoption application, please click here. Or call 865-940-0688 and provide your name and address and we will send you an application.

Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our special golden orphans!

Due to a very high number of adoption applications over the holiday season, we are unable to accept new applications until February 1st. We know how excited you are to find your newest family member, and we appreciate your patience while our volunteers catch up!

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