Our Mission:
Adopt a Golden Knoxville is a volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to finding warm, loving permanent homes for Golden Retrievers in order to prevent them from becoming strays or adding to the shelter overpopulation. The focus is on assisting owner that can no longer care for the Golden due to unfortunate financial or other personal circumstances. Golden Retrievers, regardless of medical needs or age, will receive comprehensive evaluation, spay/neutering services, veterinary care, behavioral training if required, and safe passage into a permanent loving home. In addition to providing those service, Adopt a Golden Knoxville is intent on educating and assisting the metropolitan Knoxville and East Tennessee general public, and dog owners specifically, regarding issues such as responsible pet ownership, spay/neutering, obedience training, and veterinary/specialists referrals. Our goal is to reduce the number of Golden Retrievers sent to shelters.

Adopt a Golden Knoxville takes in Golden Retrievers throughout the Southeast including East Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, Southeast Virginia and Western North Carolina.

Our Funding:
Adopt a Golden Knoxville is a private non-profit organization that does not receive any government funding. We rely on private donations, fundraisers and grants including assistance from the Golden Retriever Foundation and Goldstock, so that we can help as many Golden Retrievers as possible. We are eternally grateful for our donors and these foundations for their support.

Proud Placement Partner of

Adopt a Golden Knoxville (AGK) is proud to be an approved placement partner with Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), a nonprofit organization that conducts large-scale rescues of animals from abusive and neglectful situations like puppy mills, hoarding cases, and fighting rings, and from natural disasters.

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